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Residential Junk Removal

Calgary Junk Removal supplies a wide range of junk removal service within Calgary including its nearby cities. We are offering residential junk removal service to the people. Compared to other junk removal firms, this company is well-experienced and are very accurate in junk disposal, hauling and removing of junk items from every household. The company has dedicated professionals who are always on-time during the scheduled date. The junk will be collected and compressed. Most of the junks we dispose are papers, old appliances, old furniture and debris from house and garage. The company offers council service and provides you tips and advices to minimize junk production. They will teach you on how to recycle. Call our hotline for more information and we are very willing to assist you.

Commercial Junk Removal

Calgary Junk Removal has been in the business for many years giving the best commercial junk removal service to all business industries and corporations. It has a complete facilities and proper waste management to ensure they can provide you a reliable and junk removal service. Calgary Junk Removal makes its approach in every business with the objective of giving you a clean and junk-free business office. We provide a wide range of service to choose from. The company provides solution to all businesses problems regarding with their junk disposal. They provide suitable and the most efficient solution and removal process and recycling waste streams. The company offers and make sure they provide a custom engineered solutions. Providing you protective coatings is efficient method to make your plant and equipment achieve the highest peak performance. The team also makes the job organized by not affecting your operations. They will guarantee that the junk removal service will go smoothly and handled accurately in crowd areas. Making your best choice is to choose Calgary Junk Removal for better junk removal service for your company.


Calgary Junk Removal follow simple rule from the management. That is to have a healthy and proper disposal of collected junk items and debris from residential areas and companies. Every step of their job ensures safety for the environment to keep it from damage. They recycle those items that can be used and dispose properly all non-recyclable wastes. Calgary Junk Removal is an eco-friendly and reliable junk removal company.