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Junk RemovalEstimates

We do:

  • Junk Removal Services will take away every non-hazardous material you don’t need and want. This means your old furniture, storage boxes, non-working appliances, electronics, tools, books, tires; steel scraps, etc would no longer be a bother to you. Just say throw and we will go, go, go!

  • We can give you free estimates as early as now. Just show us how much junk we need removed and we will give you an approximate cost for the job we will be doing for you.

  • The moment we get to your place, we at Junk Removal Services will do everything for you. We take care of the lifting, loading and clean-up of the area. We will exert all efforts to recycle, re-use or donate your junk so it does not get thrown in landfills.

How we charge:

  • We at Junk Removal Services charge base on the volume of the junk you want us to remove. You want your junk estimated now? You may email a photo of your junk to us at Calgary Junk Removal or click on the truckload volume measures below to know the junk size and its cost. On the day of the junk removal, our team will confirm this price upon seeing the actual junk to be moved out.